Morning Session

  • Welcome to the 2022 PCP Summit
  • House-keeping Rules

Introduction to what the event is about.

Claire Pringle


Name and where you are from and something you would like to share about yourself.

  • Alan Melvin
  • Catherine Cooper
  • Claire Pringle
  • David Geraghty
  • Francis Moore
  • Padhraic Dormer
  • Sean Rooney
  • Stephen Glynn
  • Valerie Whelan

Claire Pringle will introduce a video about equality.

  • Sean Rooney
  • Stephen Glynn


  1. Richard O’Leary
    St Michaels House
    Richard talks about his hobbies and being part of the community.  
  1. Laura Dempsey
Enable Ireland
Laura has achieved her goal of making, recording, and writing new songs. Her music is available online.    
  1. Catherine Cooper
  1. Emma, Aisling and Jane
Enable Ireland
Emma, Aisling and Jane talk about their PCP goals.    
  1. Claire Pringle
Enable Ireland
  1. Lee Duffy
Lee talks about his hobbies and interests    
  1. Sarah Fitzgerald
Sarah shares her passion for gardening. Claire and her passion for fashion and makeup.    
  1. Amy O’Sullivan
Enable Ireland
Amy went on a trip to Medjugorje with her pa. It was her dream to go. Amy will talk about how we organised this trip, how she got funding and the problems she came across.    
  1. Phillip Noonan
Phillip loves music and dancing, especially to Michael Jackson.    
  1. Tori Fitzgerald
Tori is a fashion blogger and tells us about what inspired her to follow her dreams.    
  1. Sean Rooney
Enable Ireland
Sean shares his love of sport.    
  1. Alan Melvin
Alan is going to talk about his interest in advocacy.     
  1. Michael Browne
Michael shares his love of travelling.     
  1. Deirdre Corry
Enable Ireland
Dancing has been a part of Deirdre’s PCP plan since she was introduced to dance in 2007.  Deirdre describes that she feels like she doesn’t have a disability when she is dancing.  This is her latest dance project, “In Time.”  

Podcast to be played during break time-Interview with CEO’s of Enable Ireland and CRC.

Presenter: David Geraghty



  1. Elaine Corrigan

Elaine talks about moving into her own place and living independently.


  1. Rose Ryan

    Rose talks about adjusting to having a disability and taking back her independence.

  2. Caroline Farrell
    Caroline is going to talk about her move to independent living.

  3. Fiona O’Reilly

    Fiona story about attending travel training to help her become more independent.

Presenter: Valerie Whelan


  1. Jason Kearny
    Enable Ireland
Jason shares his story about how technology has made him independent.

  1. Erika Boucher
    Enable Ireland
    Erika would like to share her presentation on the technology she uses to communicate and the new technology she is currently practicing to use and hopes to get the funding for as it will increase her independence.

  2. Valerie Whelan
    Enable Ireland
    Valerie you choose how you introduce yourself.

  3. Francis Goucher
    Enable Ireland
    Francis explains how technology gave her a voice.

Time for a lunch break. See you at 1:15pm.


Afternoon Session

Presenter: Catherine Cooper
This is a picture of Catherine Cooper.  


  1. Employability Program Panel
  2. CRC

  3. Brandon Warren Dowling
    Enable Ireland

  4. Nathan
  5. Nathan talks about his PCP journey

  6. Amy
  7. Amy talks about studying her interests.

  8. Alan Melvin
  9. CRC
    Alan talks about his PCP Journey, especially his interest in the Assisted Decision Making Act and advocacy.

  10. Darragh
  11. Western Care
    Darragh shares how he has developed his wood working skills and achieved his QQI level 5.

  12. Niamh
  13. CRC
    Niamh shares her PCP Journey

Presenter: Padhraic Dormer




  1. Luke Mannering
    Enable Ireland

  2. Virtual Service
    Enable Ireland

    Running services during Covid and the employment of adults with disabilities to run services.

  3. Wayne Keogh
    Enable Ireland

  4. Brian Murphy
    Enable Ireland

    Brain turns his passion for fitness into employment.

  5. Connie Richardson

    Connie has set up a cosmetics and perfume business and tells us about the challenges she has overcome and her future plans.

Grab a cuppa!

Presenter: David Geraghty


  1. Colm O’Brien
Colm talks about making good and bad choices with food and how he is looking after his health.

  1. Cathy Quinn
Enable Ireland
Cathy is on a journey to improve her life through a new health and fitness journey. She has lost weight, built up her strength and mobility and is on her way to walking unaided which she has not done in a very long time.

  1. Karen & Derek
Karen and Derek talk about getting back to the gym after the pandemic. 
Presenter: Alan Melvin



1. Looking Ahead Project CRC

2. David Geraghty CRC

Presenter: Brian Murphy

Conclusion of PCP Summit 2022

Easy-to-read information for

An agenda is a plan of what is happening for an event. It is like a timetable with the names of the speakers.

Timer People 1

The PCP Summit 2022 will have 2 sessions. There will be a morning and an afternoon session, with a 1 hour break in between.

Plenary Speakers are people who have been invited to speak at the Summit. They are also known as Guest Speakers.

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